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Our Activities

Metal framework

Thanks to our built-in production process, we build all types all metallic structures, from the most classical to the most complex

Wood framework

From planning to installing, the manufacturing process is produced within our workshops, we deliver wooden structural work of a high quality.

Metal Carpentry

Thanks our knowledge, we have developed in MAF Atlantique, a genuine expertise in fire resistant metal frames

Aluminium Carpentry

Provided with adapted equipments, we have developed a genuine expertise inside SERRU company

Wooden Carpentry

Specialised in wood carpentry for interior and exterior, we take into consideration all of the restriction of your projects: aesthetics, acoustics, security, standards.

Panelling and cladding

We produce panelling and cladding for industrial buildings, offices or housing accommodations.

Industrial Planning

We intervene in the fields of aeronautics, spatial, energy and industrial machinery.

Roofing and Sealing

Classical roofing or for green roofs, we construct the roofing depending on the demand, by adapting ourselves to impermeability regulation

Expertise Office

Experts in structure analysis, we guarantee the studies of the pre-performance and the performance, the calculations and diagnosis on all of your projects and current works